New Pet-Friendly regulations at Brava Hoteles

Hoteles pet friendly costa brava

Brava Hotels is a chain of Pet-Friendly hotel and apartment company, we value and appreciate the company of pets. However, it is essential that we follow current animal welfare regulations to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, both human and animals. Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind when traveling with your pet:

1. Leashes in common areas: To ensure a safe and pleasant environment, we request that all pets are leashed when moving around the common areas of the hotel or apartments.

2. No pets left alone: For the welfare of the pets and the peace of mind of everyone, pets are not allowed to be left alone in the hotel rooms and apartments at any time.

3. Identification on the door: To inform our staff and other guests about the presence of your pet, we kindly ask you to place an identification on the door of your room or apartment.

4. Restrictions in specific areas: Unfortunately, for hygiene and safety reasons, pets are not allowed in areas such as the pool, spa, beach, restaurant, and hotel bar.

5. Maximum weight of 15kg: We appreciate your understanding in limiting the size of pets to a maximum weight of 15kg.

6. Hygiene around the establishment: To maintain a clean and pleasant environment for all guests, it is important that pets avoid doing their needs in the facilities of the establishment.

7. Prior notification: When making your reservation, please inform the staff about the presence of your pet so that we can guarantee a pleasant stay for everyone.

8. Additional pet fee: Because our standards are maintained at high cleaning standards, an additional nightly rate applies to each pet on each of the stables.

Before making your reservation, we invite you to contact us to know all the details and guarantee a perfect stay for both you and your beloved pet, we look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience at Brava Hoteles!